Soap Scraps


Our soap scraps help us reduce our waste when making soaps. It also gives them a home with someone that can get good use out of them.

They can also be used, as they are “dry”, in closets, drawers, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and anywhere you need them to help a space smell great!

Each soap scraps weighs approx. 3.5 oz and comes packed in our reusable, biodegradable, exfoliating soap sack.

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Soap Scraps

Fragrance : Soap scraps are made from our Full Artisan Soaps. Scents are the same as the original soap. See individual availability.

About :  Our Soap Scraps are soap pieces and shavings from our wonderful Artisan Soaps. No more wasting scraps but rather allowing someone to get good use out of them! Comes in our Exfoliating Soap Sack that is reusable and biodegradable.

Weight : This listing is for one exfoliating soap sack filled with our Soap Scraps, approx. 3.5 oz./100g. Each bag is hand packed and may vary slightly in actual weight.

Ingredients : Organic coconut oil, olive oil, distilled water, sustainable palm oil, food grade sodium hydroxide, castor oil, organic cocoa butter, avocado oil, natural shea butter, beeswax, organic heavy cream, honey, kaolin clay, phthalate free fragrance, essential oil, clays, and mica colorant.

To Use :  Get them wet and move between your hands or on your skin to generate lather. You can also use them, as they are “dry”, in your dresser drawers, closets, laundry room, or anywhere you need them to help make your space smell great!

NOT EDIBLE/DO NOT CONSUME – for external use only – keep out of eyes and mouth.
Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
For more information, please view our Allergy Information page.

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