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A typical day at Sleepy Bee Worx starts with Christina walking through the hives to check on the bees and make sure they are taken care of. “They know you,” she says, “they are very aware of who is taking care of them and making sure they are fed.” Beyond that, no two days are the same. Depending on product orders, Christina will fill her days with wax melting, soap making, checking store inventory, collecting orders and shipping them to consumers. Her soap-making process starts in the evening by setting up batches and preparing the nature’s source ingredients for her recipe always using organic ingredients from nature’s source when possible. “Soap is made with a mixture of oils, butters and lye,” she says, “then I add the beeswax, separate it to add color and put it into the molds.” Inspiration for new soap varieties and color patterns often comes to her through the changing colors of the world around her and other soap makers. You will also find this to be true for candles, bath bombs, wax melts, salves and body butters all from nature’s source.

Most of the information above is from an article by Taylor Parrish, ‘Local Holiday Treats are all the Buzz’. You can read the entire article by going to ncagr.gov.

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